About Us

My name is Novan Iftekhar and I am from Dhaka, Bangladesh. As a child raised in the United States, I was saddened to see that many Americans know little to nothing about Bangladesh or other developing nations. My goal was to raise international awareness of Bangladeshi heritage through my love for modern streetwear. One of the essential pieces of almost anyone's wardrobe is the jersey. Jerseys are supposed to represent the things you admire and respect. Lionel Messi, Michael Jordan. Both of these names were worn on the backs of millions across the globe because people admired and respected them. So why wasn't I seeing anyone wear anything to represent their own countries that they respect and admire so much? Because there was nothing fashionable out there. The solution? Creating my own artistic vision which combines my respect for my country and the fashion piece that I admire most, the jersey. And now I help others show off their love and admiration for their own nationality. 

I present to you: World Wear.